Rapturously Sinful.

In the second of today’s rapture-shaped posts, I’m wondering what deliciously sinful things you might be getting up to today? You don’t have to worry about the consequences, so what’s on your End Of The World “To-Do” List?

You could spend the day praying, confessing and trying to sneak your way back in to the Big Fella’s good graces…but where’s the fun in that?!

My Recommendations.

Call up the person you have been drooling over and suggest “Going out with a bang”.

Eat everything you usually avoid based on calorie count. 

Throw an End of the World barbecue in which you create wittily named cocktails and appetizers. 

Drink. A lot.

Buy a whole lot of suntan lotion so that you don’t burn in the fiery pit.

Try at least one thing that you always meant to do, but never got around to. 

Comment on this just-for-funzies post so that on my last day, I’ll know someone cared! 😛

What is everyone else getting up to during their (supposed) last day on earth? 🙂



Unexpected Beauty.

While out for a walk in yesterday’s lovely weather, I spotted one of these beautiful butterflies lazing about in the grass next to me. It was so delicate that I imagined that it was giving each blade of grass a tiny, little blue kiss as it fluttered about.

I love butterflies (as those of you who read my daemons post will know), but I’ve never bothered to find out much about them. However, this one seemed so different, and I had never seen such a pretty little example before, that I decided to look it up. 

It turns out that this butterfly is rather rare and is called the Small Blue. A sweet name, don’t you think?

Well, yesterday was one of those rare, perfect days for me. How nice that such a rare and perfect creature was there to share it with me 🙂


Tell me your horrors. All in the name of research!

I’m on a hunt for real experiences of spooky encounters to inform my writing. Anything, even if you think it is silly, will be really useful. It could be a dream, a story you overheard, or something your papa-bear used to tell you to freak you the hell out.

Please comment, and if you could then please ask your buddies to do the same. It’s all in the name of research! Fanks!


Inspired by a follower!

In “Numbers Thursday” on 31st March, I asked which literary characters you would most like to punch in the face. One of my awesome blog followers, (Algernon, you star!) wrote the following:


I just wish to thump Lyra Silvertongue, from His Dark Materials. There is just something about how useless she is in everything, and yet apparently is so important. Luckily she does have Pan.

Now, I LOVE the daemons in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. This comment got me thinking about them and my question to you is this:

If you had a daemon, what would it be and why?

I guess some of you won’t know what I mean by this so, in short, a daemon is an animal which is like the external, physical incarnation of your soul. The animal you choose should be a reflection of your personality. Try to be as honest as you can. You may want to be a lion, but are you really a weasel?

Comments please 🙂


Woop! It’s The Weekend!


When I was a kid, my sister and I used to LOVE this show. In itself, it was a great cartoon, but we loved it because if it was on, it meant either

a] It was the weekend

b] It was the summer holidays and Cartoon Network had become lazy and was showing marathons of the show

c] It was a weekend DURING the summer holidays and Cartoon Network had become lazy and was showing marathons of the show!

Even now we both still know all the words, and we’re both still “LIVING FOR THE WEEKEND!”

What cartoons do you associate with that Saturday morning feeling? Share as comments, please!

And enjoy your weekends!