A great chance to win free stuff!

Lisa Desrochers is offering the chance for readers to win a signed ARC of Original Sin, along with a signed copy of City of Fallen Angels, by Cassandra Clare. 

Click this link and comment on Desrochers’ awesome blog for a chance to win! 


Both of these fab YA authors are also definitely worth following on Twitter too!


[You can see my review of Lisa Desrochers’ first book, Personal Demons, along with her reply, in the Book Review Monday section of my awesomsauce blog!]


Eye spy…

It’s been a beautiful, sunny weekend and I’ve enjoyed some lovely company, some wonderful conversations, and some delicious glasses of ice cold cider.

So how am I ending this fab weekend? Looking like a pirate! I’ve spent a lot of time wearing contacts in the sun over the last few days and, upon removing my lenses about an hour ago, I found that the surface of my eyeball seems to have detached itself! The white part of my eye now has a flap hanging from it.

T’internet says it might be a blister or some kind of allergy so I have strapped my eye shut and plan to wait until morning before deciding whether or not to be dramatic and see a doctor 😛

If anyone has experience or advice then drop me a line 🙂

Enjoy the sun, lovely people!


P.S. Look at my new freckles! 😀


In this week’s Wonderful Weekend Randomsauce, my husband said his daemon would be an axolotl. I just want to post a picture of this cute little creature and confirm that YES, this is what Nick looks like in pretty much every picture I have of him…


Blue skies smiling at me.


This is what I can see from where I’m sat in the garden right now. Beautiful blue!

There is a warm breeze and the sound if the birds, and I can smell the sun-warmed earth. It is so nice to know that winter is behind us!

It would be great to see pics of what you can see right now. Take a pic and mail it to me. I’ll make a little picture-board on here to share glimpses of your day!

Emails to l-a-u-r-a@live.co.uk

Enjoy your lovely day!


Springtime in my garden


I woke up this morning [insert blues riff here] to see my garden in bloom. Spring has therefore officially sprung!

*does a happy dance*


The buddy who inspired me.

Lovely librarian, Emma Davies, has a blog dedicated to her slight obsession with YA books. It was her enthusiasm for and dedication to her blog which inspired me to have a bash at it myself. Not to mention the occasional ARC she let me have a gander at!

She is awesome. When I told her that I was still waiting for my Owl to arrive, inviting me to Hogwarts, she understood that I was only partially kidding. And then she went and got me a cute little hair-clip with an owl on it! UH-Mazing!

So, here’s some free advertising for you, Emma! Peace and love! x




SHOW AND TELL: My Beautiful Terror!

This is Rikku (Ree-koo), my Border Collie puppy. In the picture she is spooning her cuddly-toy buddy, Ralph.

Looks peaceful, doesn’t she? Well she’s running me ragged. She gets me and hubby up before the sun every day; she likes chewing on shoes, furniture, throw blankets, freshly-planted flowers; she is still being housetrained. She is a terror!

But… Today when I said “fetch”, she fetched! When I said “sit”, she sat.

…Awwwwwwww so CUTE! Worth every moment of sleepiness! X