Being the change.

I’m banned from buying new audiobooks this month, and instead have to wait for my freebie to arrive from audible on the 1st June. So, to fill the silence of my commute, I’m listening to “The Help”, by Kathryn Stockett. Again! You can see a full review of this book here.

One of the themes of this book is change. It’s about seemingly powerless people taking small, dangerous steps in order to change a few things about the attitudes of the world arround them. This is where my thought of the day has come from.

If you could change one thing about the world in which we live, what would it be?

Would you outlaw money, invent some kind of amazing sustainable resource? Maybe you’d make yourself an evil dictator or give anyone magical powers?

I’d love to take the ideas you share here and give them to my Writers’ Club for a session on dystopian utopias! So please, please share some thoughts!

Comment please!



Motto Madness!

Hakuna Matata ain’t such a bad motto as far as they go, don’t you think? No worries. It’s a philosophy I need to adopt more often!

What I’m wondering today is what motto gets you through the day? What little clichés to you mutter to yourself to shrug the weights off your shoulders, and plough on through ’til you get to sit on your couch, put up your feet and crack open a cold one?

On the front page of this blog is another of the little quotes which I find inspiring. “You are pure potential”, by Martin de Maat.  I like to remind the kiddies in my classes of this one, and they all seem to like it. Of course it also brings to mind the following physics joke:

My teacher told me I had a lot of potential… …then he dropped me off the roof.”

I thought this was hilarious when I heard it, but everyone I’ve shared it with has hung their heads and groaned as if they were in true physical anguish. 

Anyway! I am on a motto hunt. Help me out peeps!


If your life was turned into a movie, who would you want to play you?

This is a toughie! I decided on this question, thinking it would be a good one for “Hmmm…Wednesday” and now I am struggling to answer it myself.

I think this question has two parts: Who would you WANT to play you, and who would PROBABLY end up playing you?

My favourite actresses are all sort of old-school, like Sigourney Weaver and Kathy Bates, so I can’t really choose them, can I? Can I? Hell, why not!

I just did one of those facial recognition things and it suggested Judy Garland, Katie Holmes or Holly Marie Coombes. Not bad, as I was expecting Jo Brand… 😛

So! If your life was turned into a movie, who would you want to play you?

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What’s on your bucket list?

This is one of my favourite clips of Bill Bailey’s stand up. In it he talks about some of the things people want to do before they die. Here are the Top 10 things to do before you die:

1. Swim with dolphins

2. Scuba dive on Great Barrier Reef, Australia

3. Fly Concorde to New  York

4. Go whale-watching

5. Dive with sharks

6. Skydiving

7. Fly in a hot air balloon

8. Fly in a fighter jet

9. Go on safari

10. See the Northern Lights

I can kind of see what Bill Bailey is talking about. Although I’d love to do all of the above, there are surely better things to achieve before you kick the proverbial? 

So, what’s on your bucket list, and what do you think of the above Top 10?

Check out the comments for my list!


The weepy ones…

When I was younger (at 26 I’m such an old biddy, huh?) I wasn’t much of a weeper when it came to books and films etc. I remember girls in my class all saying how they cried when Lionardo DiCaprio died in Titanic and not getting it at all. I laughed my ass off at that bit!

So, yeah, I was a bit harder back then. These days, however, I find myself crying at so many books and movies it is ridiculous! The first film I ever cried at was actually Terminator 2: Judgement Day. You know, that bit where Arnie is melting and he gives the thumbs up…? Wept my heart out.

The book which makes me cry the most is Before I Die, by Jenny Downham. The movie which makes me cry the most is Grave of the Fireflies. (Best. Movie. Ever.)

What books and films brought a tear to your eye?

Share ’em with me and the world beyond!


P.S. I cried the other day when Edge had to retire from the WWE… how lame am I?! He he he.

Writing Prompt: If you got a text right now, who would you want it to be from and what would you want it to say?

Sometimes when you get a text, you can get all excited, hoping that it’s going to be a small bit of excitement in an otherwise mundane day. However, when you open the text you can end up being faced with a boring update about your phone bill, a dull, work-related “To-do” text or something equally yawn-inducing.

So. If you were to receive a text right now, what would the BEST possible thing to receive. Use your imagination and think outside the box.

Happy writing!


Literary figures who made you drool.

This is something which has me interested…

These days, teenagers everywhere are just dying for Edward Cullen to take a bite out of them. I can think of quite a few male leads who made me a bit weak at the knees. But is it just a girl thing? Do guys ever read books and fantasize about the heroines/femme fetales?

A buddy of mine said: “The problem I have is that most women in male orientated books, if designed to be bedded, are not at all real.”

Interesting, eh?

So is it simply that most books which focus on getting the guy/girl are aimed at a female audience? Is it the case that when reading a book with a strong male character, women want to bed them and men want to be them?

When I read Monsoon, by Wilbur Smith, I both wanted Tom Courtney and wanted to be him! Sans genitalia. I know many authors choose male leads to broaden their audience as it is thought that the ladies are better able to empathise with male protagonists than men are able to empathise with female leads. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I once heard that Harry Potter was originally meant to be female, but Rowling thought a male protagonist would attract more readers.

So. Here’s my question, readers. What characters have you both wanted and wanted to be? Who did you admire and who did you want?

Comments PLEASE! I’m honestly interested.


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