To read. To write. To listen to.

There are some films, books and songs which people should make time to see, read and listen to sooner rather than later. Today, I want you each to share the one book, film and song which you cannot imagine having lived without.

While this may seem simple, as I write this my mind is already teaming with different possibilities for each category, and already I’m conflicted about what I’d choose!

The Book. 

There’s a big part of me which wants to say, The Lord of The Rings, but I don’t think that would be an honest answer. I think that the book I would tell everyone to read at some point would be… ummm… The Stand, by Stephen King. Probably… He he he. If you want to know what the other books on the list are, then take a look at:

The Movie.

Okay, be it predictable or not, I can’t help but say The Shawshank Redemption. To me, it is just the PERFECT movie! Check out the trailer:

The Song.

Oooooo… now this IS a toughie. I love music and have fairly eclectic tastes. However, I think that Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, would have to be at least somewhere near the top of the list. Have a listen:

So let is know your recommendations via the comments box, lovely people!



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