Eye spy…

It’s been a beautiful, sunny weekend and I’ve enjoyed some lovely company, some wonderful conversations, and some delicious glasses of ice cold cider.

So how am I ending this fab weekend? Looking like a pirate! I’ve spent a lot of time wearing contacts in the sun over the last few days and, upon removing my lenses about an hour ago, I found that the surface of my eyeball seems to have detached itself! The white part of my eye now has a flap hanging from it.

T’internet says it might be a blister or some kind of allergy so I have strapped my eye shut and plan to wait until morning before deciding whether or not to be dramatic and see a doctor 😛

If anyone has experience or advice then drop me a line 🙂

Enjoy the sun, lovely people!


P.S. Look at my new freckles! 😀


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lawi85
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 20:09:39

    Huge FANKS to Hobby and her dad for the advice! Xxx


  2. Nick
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 20:36:12

    The awesome patch job is down to me, we’ve taken it off now but hey I did an awesome job…………laura didn’t think so when half her eyebrow came off but that was my favourite bit lol……….. She’s ok don’t worry.


  3. Anna
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 21:24:00

    Upload a picture where you’re missing some eyebrow :)….It’ll give me a good giggle 😛 How is the eye now? less flappy I hope….x


  4. lawi85
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 21:25:55

    The eye seems fine and Nick’s comment about the eyebrow was somewhat hyperbolic… 😛


  5. Anna
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 21:36:17

    I feel Nick should now follow this comment by removing half of your eyebrow….Just to make his lies…well you know true 🙂 x


  6. lawi85
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 21:46:25

    Unsurprisingly, I disagree!


  7. Anna
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 21:50:52

    Thought you would. The eye ok though?


  8. lawi85
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 21:52:32

    Yup! It’s fine and dandy 🙂


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