Today’s magic number is 17.

So, it’s Numbers Thursday and my challenge of the day is to write a Haiku!

Haikus are teeny tiny bite-size poems made up of just seventeen syllables, usually split up into three lines (5 syllables in the first and third lines, 7 in the second line).

Whereas longer poems can explore broad themes of nature, love, death, war, and transience etc, Haiku poems tend to zoom in on the smaller images which hold so much meaning: the moment the fist raindrop hits a pond; a leaf falling from a tree; the moment your breath skips when you spot a hottie! The little things.

A well know example would be:

november nightfall
the shadow of the headstone
longer than the grave

-Nick Avis

So see if you can come up with just seventeen syllables to capture something you’ve seen or felt today. Post and share, lovely followers! Post and share!



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